The storyteller opens his book, and begins to read.


He tells the fabled story of the brave prince, the damsel in distress and the evil dragons lair.


He describes the epic battle, and the prince's heroic victory.


He speaks of the “happily ever after”.


This is what happened, But it's just a bit not right.


The hopeless, crippled, fire-less dragon, speaks of of his misery and loneliness.


He speaks of his past, rejected.


He speaks of a cruel prince, stealing the closest thing that he's ever had to a friend.





A Dragon's Tail is the extension of a fairytale, where the the Damsel is the villain, the Hero is the oblivious and the true love story is a story of friendship. A happily ever after isn't just for the quintessential "hero", but for anyone who believes in the power within them self. 

But this is no fairytale.



Directed by Robbie Maher & Brenton Smith

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