The Stan Dup Ensemble is a Brisbane based theatre collective that strives to support emerging artists. We create, we bolster, we flourish, together.

The Stan Dup Ensemble is a Brisbane-based independent theatre company which strives to forge arts careers and further the artistic practice of emerging artists. We consist of a number of emerging independent artists, performers and producers from a wide variety of creative and personal backgrounds. No two members of the ensemble come from the same walk of life and as such, we are able to bring such a wide variety of experiences and skills to each piece of work we create.

We thrive off of variety. The stories we tell in our performances thrive in their uniqueness. Every person who collaborates with Stan Dup has the opportunity to share their experiences and project their own unique strengths. We work with and support artists from all backgrounds, regardless of race, beliefs, sexuality, class, age or any characteristic that differs one person from another. What makes each individual different from the other is what defines contemporary art as well as our own practice.

The Stan Dup Ensemble creates both text-based and devised theatrical works using a collaborative, ensemble based creative process. Even in the creation of text-based works, such as this show, the writers collaborate extensively with other key creatives and performers to best utilize the resources available to further develop our work. We are always looking for ways to improve our artistic process and are very welcoming to feedback at all stages of our development. Our productions seek to engage a variety of fellow artists, forming different opinions and criticisms, to further evolve our piece. We love opening our rehearsal room up to fellow artists and eventually, the public. It only makes the pay off more gratifying when the work comes to a final product that is supported by a wide creative team.

Formed in 2012 by Robbie Maher and Patrick McGreevy, The Stan Dup Ensemble and it's members have created a large variety of works in many different artistic contexts including facilitating drama workshops, interactive performance, creative development projects, as well as contemporary theatre. The Ensemble made it's public performative debut in 2013 with Liberation at the Brisbane Powerhouse for 2high Festival 2013 and has also produced works for Anywhere Theatre Festival, Short & Sweet Festival and Festival of Australian Student Theatre as well as a number of independent productions

The Stan Dup Ensemble not only aims to create beautiful and unique theatre acts, but also strives to support Brisbane's emerging arts scene, with The DIY Festival, an annual four day multi-arts event which launched in November 2015.