Caitriona Hamilton

My name is Caitriona Hamilton, I'm 23 from Brisbane, QLD. The women in my life have always been inspiring; through their resilience beliefs and perseverance in an often harsh world. Artistically, Deborah Klein has influenced my use of the female form. Her use of composition and imagery as a tool has guided me in invoking meaning and importance to my work. I studied visual art at Tafe, Qld where I received my diploma just this year and intend on utilising other artists spaces to continue learning and refining my practice. I recently was in the October showcase of Raw Brisbane as a visual artist and am now happily represented by them, Raw, is an organisation run by artists for artists.


I tend to approach my art with an childlike wonder, I don't particularly like planning out, I will have a general idea and concept of what I want to achieve. For example when starting a painting I just start painting, instead of blocking in shapes with pencil. I prefer the experience of creating something and conveying an emotive connection to my art. In the words of Jean Basquiat...'I don't think about art or technique when I paint I think about life'. Not all my art is intuitively approached however generally this is the case.I mostly use mono-tonal colours with a focus on shading and shape. I use a very limited palette and my style is quite painterly, I like to see the brush strokes. Themes I normally touch on are otherworldly and atmospheric, most of my work is symbolic in content and abstracted in form.


My art generally focuses on the representation of women in natural environments. In particular the symbolic connection of the earth and the female form. I use printmaking, illustration, and painting to explore my Matriarchal genealogy with the aim of conveying my animistic beliefs. My style has a focus on expressive form and figure, almost always including women as the centerpiece surrounded by flora and fauna.


'As Above So Below'

"My artwork 'As Above So Below' looks at the idea that it is impossible to study mankind without studying the universe. Often, for man to gain self-knowledge, man must look outside himself to another cosmos and apply what he learns from the external to himself. Indeed, as above so below goes hand in hand with another ancient adage 'Know Thyself.' The city-scape seen mirrored between the figure is an example of the environment we must look upon to grasp a deeper understanding of the self. Man is an incomplete being, an unfinished world partially mirrored by the cosmos. I believe the direction our society is going; politically, environmentally and socially is taking us farther from being complete or evolved."

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