Closer features four people and their interweaving relationships, as they all search for love but can’t seem to get ‘Closer’.

It’s beautiful slice of life text that really focuses on how a relationship looks in real life; brutal, blunt and sometimes absolutely heartbreaking.

As a team, we really want to bring ourselves to this piece, so most of our work thus far has been based around bringing personal honesty to the characters.

What is so beautiful about this play is that the characters are people. They have each lead a life so different from the rest, but they are all lonely, and searching for that someone. Someone to listen, someone to accept them, and someone to hold them. It is through this internal struggle that we really get to see some truly vulnerable moments of people, just like us.


Closer was presented as a part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014.


Holland Park Bowls Club
2 Abbotsleigh Street
Holland Park QLD, 4121


Directed by Robbie Maher


Anastasia Usoltseva
Zoe Grace
Jamie Zin
Patrick McGreevy

Stage Manager:
Hanne Olesen