.com/MUN1©810N_1RL (Communication in real life)

Presented by Lauren Graham, Lilly Smith, and Jayden Grogan

Human to human relationships have transcended physical contact. Undeniably physicality is essential for human connection however, there has been preferential shift to an interactive technological landscape. Arguably, technology has become an equally effective platform of how humankind communicate, inseparable from the multiple simultaneous and instantaneous conversations which connect one another to a network of infinite loops and possibilities. The clouded noise produced from online computing platforms create personal spaces where online identities are sculpted by their host's filter bubble. How can these limitations of digital communication be overcome in order to complement the empathetic, creative, and altruistic identity of humanity? Soon human bodies will be integrated with higher tech to a point where it is impossible to distinguish what is natural and what is artificial. Communication: In Real Life embodies movement sensibilities to comment on the detached technological conversations that are shared through human networks and juxtaposes this issue with face-to-face interaction.


Thursday November 24 - 7.20pm

Saturday November 26 - 6.55pm

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