Felix Palmerson is an emerging dance artist, whose style fuses ballet beauty with contemporary dance grunge. Born in Melbourne, Felix moved to Brisbane in 2014 to undertake tertiary dance training at QUT and is currently completing her second year. Having participated in many choreographic projects in both Melbourne and Brisbane including working with youth companies, Yellow Wheel and Project Y, being a member of Jacqui Carroll’s Ballet Cabal and performing as ensemble for Natalie Weir’s ‘The Red Shoes’ (Expressions Dance Company), Felix has started to explore her own choreographic identity in 2015, creating work both independently and collaboratively. 

Felix enjoys art that exposes the complex, awkward and quirky aspects of life that are ordinarily pushed under the rug. She would like to thank the DIY Festival team and audience members as well as the broader dance and arts community for the support, enthusiasm and openness.