human (read humane)

Presented by Jacob Watton

‘Human (Read Humane)’ is about home. Where it is, what it means, what would happen if something happened to it. This work deconstructs this modern evolution of home from a place, to the community and connections that travel with you. By necessity home has become not the land that you stand on but the people who stand there with you, in their combat boots or by skype. Home is a shifting entity that ebbs and flows with the tide of opportunity and hardship. Homelessness, now talking just as much about the disconnection with community as the lack of a roof over your head. This Dance/Theatre work draws heavily on the lives and blood lines of the works cast. Let Meg, Mara, Nadia, Sophie, and Lilly take you on a journey from desert sand storms and stormy sea’s to living rooms in Australia, America, South Africa, and Europe.


Choreographed By Jacob Watton

Dancers: Meg King, Mara Glass, Nadia Milford, Sophie Barendse, Lilly Smith

Stage Manager: Donovan Wagner


Thursday November 24 - 9.45pm

Friday November 25 - 9.45pm

Saturday November 26 - 9.45pm

Sunday November 27 - 9.45pm

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