Hunter Eccleston


Evolution, linear or circular? When given the theme of ‘Evolve’ it got me questioning the words’ meanings and processes. This thereby manifested into a bridging between the linear nature of which something may evolve over time, and the circular nature which life may or may not be travelling (the circle of life). This being said, the piece I have created is a physical and geometric representation of my perception of the theme evolve. 

Hi, I’m Hunter. I am a current student of Architectural Design at QUT. My passion for design and drive to make a conscious difference to the world has manifested into the form that is Hunted + Planted.  Yes my name did have something to do with the ‘Hunted’ in Hunted + Planted. Too often I was coming in contact with people having plastic/fake/unreal/ugly/lifeless plants in their inner-city apartments and suburban shelters. I bit of holiday boredom and a reminiscing to some of my early woodwork I did at high school, led me to crafting the reclaimed Cypress Pine Planter series. I investigated and was intrigued by terrariums and their encapsulating nature of such earthly beauty. This partnered with the epic discovery of succulents and how they don’t take anymore then they need when it comes to water, making them so versatile and hardy. I put my ideas to paper and eventually to the workshop (the shed with a table out the back) where I continue to pursue my design ambitions. I treat each piece I make as its own piece of art, for each planter is unique in character, telling different stories through the grain and through the shading of its colours. At the end of the day I want people to be able to take home planters, knowing that a very meticulous crafter was on the other side of them, making sure all the fine details are finished to utmost perfection. Enjoy.