Neil Moorhead

I am Irish, having originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, and I relocated to QLD in April 2012. I live in the Lockyer Valley of Queensland.
I work in Acrylics and Oils. I often prefer to use Palette knives over brushes.
The key themes of my paintings seem to be on one hand: my sense of isolation, fear, depression, anxiety and disenchantment. On the other hand my themes can be influenced by human beauty, inner and outer, my sexuality, and my sense of a misplaced childhood.
I have displayed a painting in the Brisbane State Library’s ‘Peace & Quiet’ exhibition, December 2015 – January 2016.
I am displaying two paintings in Art from the Margins’ Inside/Outside exhibition in Brisbane City Hall, 15 – 18 September 2016. I am a member of this art group.
I have displayed a sold a painting in Ipswich City’s ‘Off The Wall’ exhibition, August 2016.
As a child I used to devise and design my own comics, including all the storyboards and character development. I would then staple each page together to form a booklet. I would design 3D concepts of cars on a page, and then using cardboard boxes, I would realise them in a more tangible form.

I am a self-taught painter, having started in August 2015, and a self-taught Graphic Designer as well. I design and sell my graphic art via my website:
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