Liberation: Director's Note and Special Thanks

Last week, The Stan Dup Ensemble presented it's second show of the year, Liberation. We were able to overcome so many obstacles to present a very successful show to you. Below is our directors note for the show, as well as special thanks to those who helped out with the process. Check it out!

What is liberation? Not in regards to the question of what is liberation the show, but rather the experience, the feeling of liberation? Over the past few years, this is a question that I’ve asked countless numbers of people, from all backgrounds, belief systems and ideologies. And the responses I have heard, from what now would have to be hundreds of people, were almost always an awkward combination of umm’s and ahh’s followed by “I guess it’s freedom?” So I follow up with the question of “What is freedom to you?” And then comes the moment that really bugs me. So many people respond with almost dictionary-like precision in just stating the definition of freedom. But freedom (or liberation) is not something that should be summed up in an academic tone. I feel like the song “We Are All Compost In Training” by Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union sums it up incredibly with this simple line;

“If freedom means doing what I want, then that means I’ve gotta know what that is, not just what it isn’t.”

This is where Liberation (the show) starts. We have done a show called Liberation before, however this Liberation and the previous one share no more than a common title. We have created a new show from scratch, with a new cast and brand new approach. This was important to me in creating something that I could be proud of, rather than just creating a basic carbon copy.

So in January, I gathered together a team of passionate creatives with a goal of making something different. Last time we did Liberation, the show a political call to arms and never really touched the idea of what liberation is on a personal level. This time, we wanted Liberation and, pardon the pun, this time it was personal.

So what we present to you as a part of Anywhere Festival is a culmination of moments and ideas, personal observations on the world by our team and the sharing of stories from everyday, regular people. The biggest challenge, synthesising all of the ideas, scenes, moments and stories that have been put forward during our process.

Our process has had more than it’s fair share of stress, heartbreak, cynisism and even more stress, but I am so appreciative of my team’s efforts and what we have created in such a unique process, with the amount of bumps in the road that we have encountered. After facing rehearsal room debacles, early Sunday morning rehearsals, our venue going out of business a week before the show, and so much more, we have finally made it to the stage. This may not be our perfect liberation, but it’s ours. I am so proud of my cast, and I know they will nail it.
— Patrick McGreevy - Director

Thank you to everyone who made Liberation possible. The Anywhere Festival team, our fellow members of The Stan Dup Ensemble, especially the incredible cast and crew of This Is How I Met You. Thank you to Jamie Tomic and Jeremy Gordon for your feedback and assistance in the later stages of the process, to all of the amazing people who shared their personal stories to make this show a possibility, and thank you to everyone who has come out to support us with our second show of our 2016 season. Special thanks to The New Globe Theatre for offering their venue to us on such short notice. I don’t know what we would do with Liberation if it weren’t for the generosity of the New Globe. We are forever grateful.