Introducing Georgia: The Pink Power Ranger


Hello fellow theatre makers, lovers and all around enthusiasts!

~ ~ ~


I am Georgia Broe Weddell, a recent graduate of Griffith University’s Contemporary and Applied Theatre course, and I am a member of The Stan Dup Ensemble (SDE).

My roles in SDE include acting, writing, dramaturgy, as well as my involvement in the Devise It Yourself (DIY) Festival, where I am a member of the board in my role as Festival Liaison. Currently I’m involved with three projects – A Dragon’s Tail, This Is How I Met You (TIHIMY) and the DIY Festival.

A Dragon’s Tail is a fairytale gone wrong, that is currently in creative development, and after four months of devised work, it is now stepping into the writing phase. As one of the writers, I’m looking forward to working with other members to strengthen the lore and story of the fairytale.

TIHIMY explores first meetings, first loves, and first heartbreak. It’s really exciting working in a style where our personal lives can be explored and used for stimulus. Throughout the process we’re going to be collecting stories from people around us to help shape the work, and working with verbatim techniques will hopefully help us portray the diverseness and overall essence of first meetings, and everything that is encompassed in them.

The DIY Festival celebrates independent and emerging artists by providing a platform for innovative and original works of art. It’s a challenge jumping into such a ambitious undertaking, especially considering we ourselves are emerging artists, but one that is providing all of us with a quick and effective learning experience. I am very eager to see how the DIY develops, and hopefully it will become a recurring event.

I’m looking forward to seeing where all these projects go. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!


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