Nila Bonda found each other during an alcohol-induced adventure. Mitch strumming a Marlboro Red, Thalia falsetto shouting at a cat, and TJ practising triplets on some stank booty. They later found James discovering new bass faces in the reflections of puddles, and added him to the crew.

It’s like all the ingredients were there and it happened to make one tasty groove cake.


Since the beginning the group has made the Brisbane underground scene its home, playing gigs with remarkable local bands to a growing number of faithful followers. The band is usually found frolicking around Fortitude Valley, either performing or grooving along to some of Brisbane’s finest local talent.


Nila Bonda has a unique sound combining fuzz-driven riffs and polished bass grooves with dynamic percussion, drawing influences from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, QOTSA, Muse, and pretty much anything Jack White has ever touched. Check 'em out, you probably won't regret it. 


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