Great Recipes! 625mg With Dinner

by Percy Paige

Working with 2D and 3D elements allowed the opportunity to carefully think about the number of options I had when it came to engaging with materials and my work. Exploring different ideas towards engaging and developing material is another important part to my practice. These processes reflect the fluidity and ambiguity of my identity, specifically with the exploration of moving in between and outside of the gender binary. This installation includes the 3D soft sculptures that are also depicted within the 2D works, which are primarily mixed-media assemblage pieces. As communicated through the work it illustrates processes of manipulating the image and distorting them, declining from digital processes. These photographs are of an old work performance work, my ideal process was to distort the images to confuse the viewer and to ultimately emphasise the uncanny, ambiguous and manipulated body that reflects gender dysphoria. 



Experimental mixed media artist from Brisbane, Australia. Percy’s work primarily revolves around a personal examination of their identity, mainly focussing on their experiences as a queer artist with mental illness and their ambiguous gender identities.Concepts that I work with evolve and draw upon personal experiences, these being vital aspects to my practice. The ideas derived from experiences have been identified through exploration of my identity, in attempt to challenge the ideas of self-identity and authenticity due to my own experiences.
These actions are conceptual and instinctual, deriving from ideas that relate to singular or multiple identities. Numerous fragments of ideas of self, congregate and connect or remain fragmented. By playfully constructing and reconstructing elements of my identity and it’s meaning, I then decide by utilising with different mediums to destabilise preconceptions around gender and sexual identity. Exploring these ideas open up opportunity to contextualize and examine these experiences that fall into my developing practice. Documenting these experiences and responding to them through an experimental mixed media investigation that involves contemplation of identity. Particularly concepts of sexuality and gender, frequently include creating forms of shock elements to the work, that represent a response to particular experiences that have occurred. Aiming to create response within the audience, giving implicit or explicit insight to the situation, emphasising some importance to audience reaction. However, this investigation relying on the outcome of the artist and other queer communities. 
Actions of drawing upon experiences as a queer artist with mental illness, is to subconsciously identify elements that contribute to an ambiguous practice, challenging ideas of self identity in compositions that validate confronting experiences and themes. Working with themes of sexuality, gender identity and mental health can be evident with the process of gathering and collecting readymade items that contribute to understanding the selection with these themes. This process of scavenging items and images reflect the fragmentation to the conceptual and experimental part of my practice.

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