Robbie Maher is an aspiring artist and passionate theatre practitioner. As the previous Artistic Director of The Stan Dup Ensemble, he motivated and lead his ensemble with poise. In 2015 he pioneered The Devise It Yourself (DIY) Festival to support the wealth of Brisbane’s emerging artists.

Festivals have been Robbie’s focus since 2013. He was elected Director in Training for Anywhere Theatre Festivalin 2014 where he learnt first-hand what it takes to construct a festival. He has had a large involvement with other Brisbane festival’s including the Out of the Box children’s festival (2012 & 2014), 2High (2013), Something Like Theatre Festival (2013), Short + Sweet (2014 & 2015) and Festival of Australian Student Theatre (FAST, 2013 & 2014).

Although Robbie has been involved in many projects as different roles, for example, acting in Dan Evan's Here goes Nothing (2012) or writing the adaptation The Raft from Georg Kaiser's The Raft of the Medusa. Robbie has a keen eye for directing. He has staged a post-dramatic devised performance named Liberation (2013), a production of Woyzeck(2013), Patrick Marber’s Closer, and Pete Malicki’s Captain Everything (2014) just to name a few. Robbie has been involved in every project The Stan Dup Ensemble has produced or is producing, as well as working as assistant artistic director of Blue Roo Theatre Company’s Darcy O and the Browbeat Factory (2013 at The Judith Wright Centre).