ROO has been described as sounding like Janis Joplin (which she finds blasphemous) and has been told that she “doesn’t look like she sounds”.  ROO has a rich, big, raw voice and writes songs that are soulful and honest with a swamp/folk/blues/pop/rock/ballad sensibility.  ROO doesn’t fancy herself a guitarist, but she has been playing guitar since she was nine years old.

ROO began writing and performing as a solo act in high school and formed ‘MAJESTY’ in 2004 with Dean Hamilton (Drums) and Tim Oxley (Bass/Computers).  Their last show was in 2004.  ROO took a long break from music but started up again in 2014 at the insistence of her family and friends.  

In 2015 ROO was reformed as a duo with Dean Hamilton and recorded a DIY demo of seven original songs.  ROO played a short acoustic set of original songs live on The Youth Show on 4ZZZ radio station in 2002. Her first paid solo gig was at a music night at The Sit Down Comedy Club in Paddington playing originals.  She then went on to perform at QUT Gardens Point O Week, The Indie Temple with backing band, Majesty and as a guest artist with Chucknee/Bimmy Jarnes at The Shamrock Hotel.  Her original songs were played at several venues with the band Cheezel Dust from 2003 – 2004.

ROO has recently been performing with the five piece band Cheezel Dust as a Vocalist/Auxiliary Percussionist/Songwriter at many venues in Brisbane including a support spot for Mosman Alder at New Globe Theatre’s second birthday celebrations. ROO plays alongside Drummer/Percussionist/Vocalist Dean Hamilton of Cheezel Dust and DarkLab. Recently, a song that ROO wrote and recorded with Cheezel Dust and another that she performed in have been played on Zed Digital radio station.


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