The Devise It Yourself Festival (The DIY Festival) is a Brisbane-based, multi-arts festival held in November. Each year, The festival gives over 80 of Brisbane’s brightest emerging artists a platform to present fresh, original work. DIY encourages artists from all backgrounds to create and present new art, which is brought together by a common theme. In 2015, the festival theme was RISE. In 2016, the festival theme is EVOLVE and is complimented by this year's festival song, Changes by David Bowie.



Raw Dance Company

46 Evesham Street

Moorooka QLD 4105


November 24-27

Doors open at 6pm



Single Night - $25 per person

Two Nights - $35 per person


We encourage emerging artists to create innovative and original works.

We help you throughout the creative process, not just on the performance night.

We want visual arts, film, theatre, music, dance, multimedia and every genre in between. Diversity is key, and variety is the spice of life.

We endeavour to produce an incredible experience for all involved.


First held at Cupo, Fortitude Valley from the 26th to 29th of November 2015, the festival has quickly gained a reputation for innovative artistic practice and it’s impressive festival vibe.


In 2016, The DIY Festival will evolve. We move into a new venue, with a new festival team as we grow bigger and give more opportunities for arts to flourish in Brisbane.