The Raft 2017

By Robbie Maher

The Stan Dup Ensemble presents The Raft 2017 by Robbie Maher


Terrorism strikes, most die in a fiery shadow, some survive, hurt but breathing. Cast away on a lifeboat in the hot Australian sun, the survivors begin to suspect an agent among them. Does fear lead to hate, does hate lead to violence, does violence lead to death.

Yes, it does.

The Raft is a modern adaptation of expressionist writer Georg Kaiser’s The Raft of the Medusa. It is a brutal interrogation of Australian society, unafraid to ask us the hardest of questions; Who’s the real Terrorist?


Public Creative Development Showing

Saturday October 8th - 7:30pm

Reservations - $10


Shri Yoga Studio

26 Burnett Lane

Brisbane City


Written by Robbie Maher

Photography by Timothy McGowan


The Raft was previously presented as a mainstage production in the Something Like Theatre Festival in 2013.