In Mid 2015, an inter-dimensional vortex opened up in Camp Hill, Brisbane, and the rift in the space-time continuum created the Multiverse’s favourite quantum alt rock mega-group, The Shwifty’s. Blending styles of psychedelic rock, alt-rock and a little bit of their own cyber-flanged space-funk, The Shwifty’s will bore their way through your skull with their infectious tunes.


Stephen Molan; Guitar & Vocals

Jake Lyell; Guitar

Paul Hewett; Drums & Vocals

Harry Seymour; Bass


Due to the laws of relativity the members of the band were actually born in the year 1874, but due to having travelled at light speed from other universes they themselves have only aged about 20 years in the time they have been travelling. They have all forgotten that and so should you.


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