The festival theme is central to what makes DIY unique. The artists involved will create work based on the festival theme, which has now been announced and made public. The theme and festival stimulus pack are currently available for artists. Below are the devising constraints for The DIY Festival.



  • Create a 20-25 minute piece of performance.
  • The performance must use the festival theme to some degree.
  • Performances can have a maximum of 20 lighting cues and 20 sound cues.

Visual Art

  • Create a piece of visual art based on the theme.
  • The method of presentation of the visual art is negotiated on a artist by artist basis.


  • Create a set of at least 20 minutes of original, live music.
  • Must cover the festival song, which will be publicly announced in the near future.
  • There is no thematic restriction to musicians, however if they wish to create music based on the theme, we are happy to support them in that endeavour.