Victoria Nikolova

My major projects to date have aimed to articulate the contradictory relationship between our own dependence on, and dominance of, the natural world. Based in still photography, much of my work is an inquiry into the themes of our physical and emotional connection to place, and our relationship to the environment. As an artist, I draw on photography’s connotations of time and actuality, to act as conduit for the narratives around our troubled co-existence with nature.

Attempting to address communities of species and their relationships and dependence on land and water, I seek to challenge the way we have ordered the natural world and our place within it - and encourage a response to consider sustainability and reflexivity rather than human entitlement. 

Growing up in a rural town west of Brisbane I had easy access to the natural environment. After moving to the city I began to notice my own gradual disconnection with the natural world, prompting a greater concern to explore these themes in my work.


Victoria is a freelance social documentary photographer and visual storyteller. Currently based in Brisbane, she provides editorial content for the education sector and is also an educator for Visual Communication at the University of Queensland. 

In 2014, Victoria received the ‘Godfrey Rivers Medal for Excellence’, the ‘Best Portfolio in Show: Photography Award’, and the ‘St Margaret’s Scholarship’, for her work Beautiful Trophy - an investigation into the industry of hunting tourism. 

In 2015 she was awarded First Class Honours, from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University for the outcome of her visual research project entitled Invisible Sacrifice - a long-form documentary of the human story impacted by manifestations of climate change in her local region.

In April 2016, Victoria was invited to join the Stuart Franklin (Magnum Photo Agency) Portfolio Review in Zurich, Switzerland, to present this same body of work and share her research with Franklin and fellow participants. 

With a broad portfolio of documentary and commercially commissioned work, Victoria’s photography has been featured across diverse media outlets, including billboards, magazines, and advertisements. 

She has worked with a wide variety of people and organisations to find her stories, including working around the challenges of taking on big business and industry in order to articulate her observations of their environmental impact.

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